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Full Detailing Large Boat – 10 hr

Full Detailing Large Boat – 10 hr


10hr | $1,200 | Finish Detail Polish

With Marine specific products, we check every part of the boat. We started by washing with a special marina shampoo to remove any contamination on the boat’s hull. Then we started with the decontamination of metal and aluminum parts. Inside we check every part of the compartments, clean the seats and protect them with a special conditioner. The command table details all controls and steering wheel. Everything is checked and cleaned. Leaving a super clean, protected and shiny boat at the end of the service.


It’s very hard to say when I started detailing. Since I was 15 I’ve always been in love with cars and motorcycles. In 2000, I decided to set up a large car washing and polishing center in São Paulo, Brazil. 


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